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Welcome to the Tiffany Studios Resource Center, developed and maintained by Paul Doros. Paul was the first Curator of Glass for the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia and was responsible for producing the catalog of the Museum’s world-famous Tiffany collection. He later served for ten years as an expert in Christie’s Twentieth Century Decorative Arts Department, where he appraised, researched, cataloged and displayed all Tiffany objects

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To be published by The Vendome Press in September 2013, The Art Glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany will be the first major work to focus primarily on blown Favrile glass. The book will be 224 pages and include over 175 color illustrations of rare and unique pieces, most of which have been in private collections for over 40 years. Included will be a scholarly look, with archival photos, at the life of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the glass workers he employed and a detailed analysis of the glass itself. For additional images from the book, click here

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